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Making speed and agility the heart of organisations of every size, with a dynamic front-end and a stable backbone.
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Six areas of constant review to scale your business:

Strategy:  Create the map, know where you want to go,

Innovation:  Create a culture that always asks what can we do differently to add more value,

Marketing:  Constantly review your marketing messages and channels to market,

Sales mastery:  Have world-class sales team based on a community of practice,

Analysis & Legal:  Know your number’s. Know where you stand,

Optimisation:  Engage and embed the culture.  Hire and fire the right people.  Challenge the map. Make change habitual.

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Know how you got here and where you are going


Give people the space to do their work and do it well

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Benchmarking and metrics at Arkle


Know where you are - always

Be in the business of outlasting your competitors

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"Iain is a mastermind of business leadership and building successful cultures, with extensive leadership experience ranging from tech company inception in the dot-com bubble to leading successful O&G teams (quantifiably!) of 300+ in the North Sea."

David Long, Blackbird Venture Capital

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I have had a remarkable career so far and have worked with a variety of outstanding people. They have taken me worldwide in many different industries and roles, and I consider myself fortunate for this and thankful to them all.

Constantly aware of my particular strengths, it took an excellent boss and a couple of mentors to draw them out and help me shape them. These are: enhanced reasoning and problem-solving skills to see the big picture, simplify the narrative and create brilliant teams to grow companies and deliver exceptional performance.  My world has always hinged on strategic delivery and figuring out how to change teams' mentality, human systems and processes for tomorrows world.

Perhaps most importantly, I would surround myself with far more gifted people in the nitty-gritty and specialisations than me. We've always focused on being bold and acting fast to capitalise on opportunities. Performance optimisation has always been the driving force for us all by asking one overriding question; How can we make it even better?

I love challenges, problems and ideological conflict.  I believe there is so much more in each of us, and our answers and solutions directly result from the quality and depth of the questions we ask.

My brain is wired to ask questions many would neglect to ask. I'm a lateral thinker and identify many alternatives as a matter of course. I am constantly seeking to understand and simplify complexity for everyone.

I have worked with Tech start-ups in security risk and healthcare, mega-projects in oil and gas, strategic projects in universities, set up several businesses, from Forestry to Tech and shaped many projects and leadership teams to have an unshakeable foundation and deliver unprecedented results.

My leading principles are integrity, courage and commitment.



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